Standard Identity and Financial Check

Our standard identity and financial checking service establishes the candidate’s identity and financial status from publicly available information. Our detailed report includes any County Court Judgements (CCJ), Bankruptcies and Voluntary Arrangements covering a 3-year period in addition to a search of the public electoral register against a 3 year address history (as provided by the candidate). The search also uses the CAPS (Credit Application Previous Searches) database to investigate any discrepancies in name, addresses, date of birth and marital status between the data the candidate has supplied and other applications he/she may have made in the past 12 months.

As ‘50% of UK employers withdrew job offers/dismissed someone in the last year for misrepresenting themselves’  (CIPD 2008). PeopleChecking’s service will be of great value to your organisation saving you time and resources.


How important is a financial health check? The cost of recruiting new employees has soared both in terms of time and money; both are valuable resources, which is why performing credit checks is cost effective. Making sure that your new employees have given accurate and honest details about themselves on their application form is crucial, especially if you are placing them in a position of trust. If you require trust from your employees it is wise to ensure that they are honest from the start by carrying out a financial check. Who makes credit checks? Anyone who has employees must be able to trust them, whether they handle cash or not. There are other areas of trust too, such as access to confidential information from customers and clients. A financial health check will indicate whether a person has any financial difficulties or has declared bankruptcy. If so, and the person is facing dire circumstances such as the possible loss of their home or possessions, working in a position of trust handling money could lead to fraud or theft. It is also generally believed that someone who manages their finances in an organised manner will also be a more efficient employee. This can easily be established by requesting a financial check.

How credit checks can ensure an energetic workforce Performing a financial check on a potential employee can enlighten you of a history of bad debt, which is not ideal if an employee is to work in a situation of authority, for a bank or other financial institution. It also gives rise to the possibility of the employee suffering stress. Stress is a major factor in sick absences and performing a financial health check could help to avoid unforeseen problems. Any employee with worries in his or her personal life is likely to be distracted at work increasing the risk of costly errors to your company. A simple financial health check can present you with an up to date report of anything that is likely to cause worry. The time factor involved in a financial check Carrying out credit checks on employees used to be a lengthy process, using traditional mail to send letters back and forth. However, here at PeopleChecking's service credit checks are carried out online for speedy results. We can have the result of a financial check to you within seconds. Why use valuable resources employing someone who may not be suitable candidate when you can request a financial health check before wasting time and money. Is that you? A financial check on an employee can also help in confirming the identity of a person, which is especially important when you are a financial institution or have access to confidential information. Anyone who works with vulnerable people such as children should also have their identity confirmed. Credit checks will confirm the addresses held in the last three years as well as any discrepancies in date of birth or name. A financial health check can save you a lot of time and money as well as your reputation and at PeopleChecking we can help you.


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