Right To Work Checks

Immigration Background Checks

In 2008, a points-based system was introduced for recruiting staff internationally. When hiring staff from overseas, an employer must be registered as a sponsor, and it’s down to them to carry out relevant right to work checks for eligibility to work in the UK. Employers who do not carry out these pre employment checks can face penalties, including fines of £10,000. Those who persistently fail to conduct the right immigration checks can even face prison.


There are various tiers of worker, from highly skilled to temporary staff, and the kinds of immigration background checks which need to be carried out depend largely on which country the prospective employee is from. Immigration checks are also set to become tighter since the Coalition government announced proposals to limit numbers of migrant workers. It is a criminal offence to knowingly hire someone who doesn't have immigration permission to perform their role. And, of course, one of the reasons the law surrounding passport checks and immigration background checks is so tight is to protect potentially vulnerable employees who could otherwise be exploited. Remember, it is your legal duty as an employee to carry out the necessary right to work checks to ensure that someone is who they say they are, and is genuinely entitled to work in the United Kingdom. This usually means firstly doing passport checks by verifying the passport number of all your overseas employees.

Passport Checks from PeopleChecking Part of Zellis, at PeopleChecking we carry out immigration background checks for a wide range of clients. Our immigration checks include passport checks which scan passport numbers on documents from dozens of countries, so the data captured through these right to work checks is highly accurate. We use specialist scanning software for all our immigration background checks. And our right to work checks give you peace of mind that you are carrying out your immigration checks in the way you are legally obliged, and auditable proof that your passport checks have been completed properly. Read more about our immigration background checks and all our other services or contact us today.

Other Pre Employment Checks As well as immigration checks, there are plenty of other right to work checks that you may need to carry out before hiring, from driving licence and academic qualification validations to authenticating references. Others include verifying identity and financial and professional membership checks. All of these pre employment checks will take time and money to carry out properly, which is why you may want to think about having all your pre employment checks outsourced to a professional organisation such as PeopleChecking.