Reference Check

Our reference checking service provides a written reference from an employer or personal referee, typically covering company name, period of employment and position on leaving. Reports are provided via email in 5-10 working days. Under our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) each reference is requested until received (or up to a maximum of 5 requests).

As “71% of employers have encountered lies on CV”  PeopleChecking’s service will be of great value to your organisation saving you time and resources.


Employment checks uncover costly hidden secrets We at PeopleChecking are a division of Zellis providing employment checks, CV check information and screening for firms interviewing candidates and who need in-depth results from a professional candidate screening software supplier. A recent survey conducted by our firm estimated annually that UK businesses were collectively losing £2 billion offering jobs to employees who provided falsified information on their CVs. That same employee screening survey showed 5% of jobseekers were later rejected following precise employment verification, including employee screening for references, work history details proven as untrue and, in some cases, damaging information uncovered via precise candidate screening software supplier checks. Our CV check services provide employers with detailed employment checks including precise employment verification obtained through candidate references. With your candidate’s permission we conduct precise employment checks only possible from us as an expert candidate screening software supplier. Our employment checks include a thorough employment verification covering work history and previous employers, qualifications and passport, driving licence and criminal checks. Our employee screening services ensure you avoid costly recruitment errors and any time-consuming employment verification checks. Another survey conducted by our organisation uncovered that 33% of firms claim they haven’t the time to conduct proper employee screening procedures such as employment checks on industry experience for each candidate. The same survey showed that 7.5 million UK jobseekers admitted to providing misleading information.

The fast and thorough candidate screening software supplier We save both money and time for a company with our advanced employee screening web-based systems including workflow technology to streamline employment checks and referencing. Professional employee screening and employment verification We offer a professional CV check obtaining written employment verification from a candidate’s previous employer confirming employment checks covering work history, positions held, period of employment and official employment verification covering reasons for leaving. Complete employee screening reports are provided within 5-10 working days of your request for an employment verification and CV check. These are delivered in detail via email. Our standard service level agreement provides employment checks covering each of your candidate’s nominated references provided on their CV check and employment verification requests are made to employment references until received (to a maximum of 5 requests).

Candidate screening software supplier - academic qualification checks This type of employment check requests written confirmation of your candidate’s academic qualifications and provides details of degree or secondary qualifications. Employee screening for qualifications means we contact the academic establishment(s) for confirmation of the length of course attendance, qualification, subject(s) and grade(s) achieved. Candidate screening software supplier - professional membership checks This CV check provides you with written confirmation of your candidates’ claimed professional and trade memberships. This type of employee screening includes the levels and dates of a candidate’s affiliation. Employment checks and employee screening are more important than ever since surveys conducted by our organisation uncovered that 24% of jobseekers were prepared to lie during a CV check and interviews.


Call us at PeopleChecking if you require further details on our services as a candidate screening software supplier. Please e-mail us on if you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits that our Reference check service can provide you.