Professional Membership Check

Our professional membership checking service provides written confirmation of professional and trade memberships, including levels and dates of affiliation. Reports are provided via email in 5-10 working days membership. Under our standard SLA (Service Level Agreement) each reference is requested until received (or up to 5 requests).

HR professionals and recruiters have been warned to be on their guard as 24% of jobseekers are prepared to lie in interviews and 15% would exaggerate their skills and qualifications. In this Competitive labour market PeopleChecking’s service will be of great value to your organisation saving you time and resources.


Why carry out professional membership checking Recruitment of employees is a process which is based on honesty and trust, relying on a person being completely honest when disclosing facts and information about themselves. In some occupations the qualifications and memberships of professional bodies is crucial to the position which the job applicant will hold. Here at PeopleChecking we are able to undertake a professional membership check which will validate an employee's claims and confirming the levels and dates of membership. Benefits of a professional membership check By recruiting someone who has a membership to a particular profession you will be confident that they have the necessary skills to perform their job to a satisfactory standard. If the employee has made a false claim it could affect their ability to perform the tasks required of them and even place your company in jeopardy. A professional membership check will ensure that the employee is perfectly capable of performing their role to the standard required.

Trusting roles In some capacities professional membership checking is essential in order to protect the more vulnerable in our society such as children or young adults. For instance, a teacher is placed in a role of trust and it is crucial that claims to be a member of a professional body are legitimate. Here at PeopleChecking we can carry out a professional membership check to ensure your employees have the required qualifications. Professional membership checking for high standards Many people are prepared to make false claims on their CV in order to gain a position with a company, thinking that the truth will never be discovered. In certain positions this will lower the expected standards and could affect other employees' moral and performance within the company. Professional membership checking will help to eradicate all falsehoods enabling you to maintain your existing standards.

The cost of professional membership checking Here at PeopleChecking we are able to carry out a professional membership check much faster than traditional methods such as the mail service. It can take many weeks or even months to receive replies, if at all. Meanwhile, you may have an employee in a position of trust carrying out duties for which he isn't qualified. Our service is carried out online so is much quicker, reducing the cost to yourselves which can be huge. Our professional membership checking service is designed to save you valuable resources such as time and money. The effects of a professional membership check Recruiting of employees is based on honesty and trust but so many potential recruits make falsehoods on their application forms in order to be able to gain employment. You as an employer have to ensure the welfare and safety of your existing employees and also any customers. Any employee who has access to confidential data is a potential threat to your company and clients until their credentials have been verified. Our professional membership checking service will assist you in the protection of your staff and clients in an ethical manner.


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