Passport Check

Our passport checking service enables you to scan the machine readable zone of passports from over 100 countries to help validate authenticity of the document, increase the accuracy of data captured and provide additional, auditable evidence that the passport was checked. (Requires passport scanning hardware).

Since February 2008, UK businesses face a £10,000 fine for each employee who does not have the right to work in the UK. Persistent and or knowing offenders face a custodial sentence of up to 2 years. Therefore PeopleChecking’s service will be of great value to your organisation saving you time and resources.


Peace of mind with thorough employee passport checking services At PeopleChecking we form part of Zellis and offer expertise in employment background checks, from criminal checks to passport checking for lawful UK employment. In 2008, changes to employment law meant employers could receive a £10,000 fine for each employee working for them without lawful UK employment permission. We provide passport number check and thorough passport checks saving organisations of all sizes both time and money. Official passport checks As an employer it is your lawful duty to conduct passport checks on the passport number of all your employees. We provide a fast, efficient passport check solution for your candidates using specialised passport number and passport checking scan software. We have access to passport scanning software with the ability to check any passport number issued by hundreds of countries. Our specialist passport checking software validates the authenticity of a passport number check increasing the accuracy of a passport check, and also provides auditable evidence that a search on that passport number was conducted for future proof.

Proof required that candidates have lawful permission to work in the UK The most efficient way to check immigration status is to run a passport through passport check software. In order to comply with Home Office guidance on the prevention of illegal workers it is vital that a range of documentation is provided, checked closely and copied for your files. As an employer it can be a minefield with so much to check and all file copies of official candidate documentation and their passport number must by law be kept for a minimum of three years. There are a number of items to look for which will have you checking beyond a simple passport number including: Passport number from the official national passport of a British Citizen, or a national from a European Economic country and Switzerland who has rights to work in the UK. Different rules apply to passport checking for Bulgarian and Romanian workers. A UK resident and employment permit, documents, passport number or registration card provided by the Home Office to a person from European areas and Switzerland including asylum seekers Official document such as a P45 or P60. UK Birth certificate or Home Office letter (proving indefinite UK residency and employment) for the UK. Home Office Immigration Status Document allowing a person to work in the UK in your field of employment. Employment approval issued by Work Permits UK. It is essential any photographs and documents provided by your candidate are thoroughly assessed - this includes a passport number check and consistency checks. Fast, money-saving passport number check services After our partnership at the beginning of 2010 with world-leading passport number check scanning company 3M Rochford Thompson, passport checking is as fast and efficient as you could hope for. This specialised passport checking software cross-checks all current employees on your database, alerting employers should they lawfully require missing paperwork or a passport number for a current employee. For more information on passport checking call or email us at or click here to contact us

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