Other Background Checks Offered

Financial Services Authority (FSA) Checks

  • Searches name, status, FSA reference number, controlled functions, current employer name and start date. Also searches all previous companies worked for in a controlled function, with start and end dates. All disciplinary action taken through the FSA will be listed along with associated dates.

Independent Safeguarding Authority – Vetting and Barring Scheme

  • Application for Entry onto register (Inclduing Enhanced Criminal Record Check) – The process is the same as applying for an enhanced criminal record check.  As an umbrella body we can submit the application.   Confirmation that the application has been successful will be within 7 working days and then the enhanced disclosure in normal  time scale.
  • Checking of Register – Any individual registered with ISA will be subjected to continious monitoring.  All individuals registered with ISA will be issued with a uniqued number, where they give this information to us they are giving their consent for us to check their ISA status.  We will also register your organisations interest at the same time the ISA will inform you automatically if the individual’s status changes.

Sanctions Check

  • This check provides, on a country by country basis, Identification of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Presence of the individual on national and international sanction lists, such as HMRC or OFAC.  Confirmation that the person has been convicted of, or linked to, high-profile crime.  MOD CTC, SC and DV clearances being a List X company.

UK Directorships Check

  • Provides the regsitered company name, number and address for each directorship held by the candidate.  A directorship report will reveal any current or potential conflict of interest showing active and inactive Directorships.

Online Search Engine (Media) Check

  • Provides selected results based on a search using an online search engine against the candidate’s full name.

    For further information on these or any of the other background checks that we offer please call us on 0800 035 0545 or email peoplechecking@zellis.com