Driving Licence Check

When you require someone to have a valid licence, our driving licence check secures confirmation from the DVLA of the person’s licence validity and details of any endorsements, within 5-10 days.

According to a poll by MORI, 71% of employers have encountered lies on CVs. Employees could also be lying about holding a valid driver’s licence. Therefore PeopleChecking’s service is useful to verify employees have a valid licence to drive and will be of great value to your organisation saving you time and resources.


If you are an employer and have read through some peoples CV's in your time, chances are you have come across quite a few lies. It may surprise you however, to note that this may also apply to employees who say they hold a full valid driving licence when in actual fact, they don't. With a driving licence checking service this enables employers to eliminate these lies – the last thing you want is to employ someone to drive when they do not have the required driving licence. Save Time with a Driver Licence Check A lot of time and effort can be saved using a driving licence checking service at People Checking. A driver licence check is something you should consider if you are employing people, especially in a driving capacity. Not only will it save you and your company time, it may even eliminate a hefty fine if it results in any court action.

Our service validates the driving licence and shows the number of endorsements within a 5-10 day timescale. This service is essential if you are employing taxi drivers, couriers or drivers of any kind. Driving licence checks are legal and do not infringe anyone's rights if used in an appropriate manner. A driver licence check will tell employers all they need to know about a potential employee’s driving licence. This is something that you need to know as a responsible employer. Driving licence checks are a fantastic way of finding out if you are employing a reliable and honest person as well as confirming their driving licence details. Validating Information It is a misconception to think that this contravenes data protection. As an employer you have the right to ensure your company is working above board and that your employees, if in a driving capacity, hold full, valid driving licences. A driver licence check enables you to do this and will save your company time and resources - and future problems.


Please e-mail us on peoplechecking@zellis.com or call 0800 035 0545 if you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits that our Driving licence check service can provide your organisation.