Criminal Record Check

Employment criminal background checks

We at PeopleChecking are a background ‘checking solutions’ division of Zellis. Just some of the services we provide include identity, passport checks and criminal record searches, from basic CRB checks to the enhanced level criminal record search.

We have many clients who rely on our expertise in employment criminal background checks, identity and academic checks.

Our services include a basic criminal background check (CRB check), standard criminal record search, advanced criminal background check, identity fraud, financial, passport, driving licences, employment, and academic and membership verification.


Criminal background check - basic level The basic level of checks includes criminal record searches known as 'basic disclosures' otherwise referred to as 'criminal conviction certificates.' This is the most basic CRB check and level of criminal disclosure available to most third parties for any purposes. This criminal record service provides you with details of convictions that are considered unspent (where under certain circumstances an offender is allowed to have a 'wiped' criminal record after an agreed period). When you search criminal records through this basic disclosure this information will only be issued to applicants when it is not job related and is available on any number of times when requested. When an offender with a criminal record does not re-convict and is on a special agreement that wipes them from being located on a criminal search at basic level, it's as though a conviction never existed. During an interview or when completing a written application form which requests details directly from them referencing their previous convictions, these ex-offenders are quite lawfully allowed to answer 'no'. If a person has a 'spent' sentence on their criminal background check at the basic level the employee may never know all the facts and it is illegal to discriminate against ex-offenders with 'spent' convictions.

CRB check - standard criminal record search (Criminal record search including 'spent' convictions) A standard disclosure CRB check provides criminal record search certificates with all criminal background check results including spent convictions. This CRB check is provided subject to the countersigning of a registered person such as a potential employer. Employment criminal background checks at this level are used on potential candidates who seek employment as carers for adults or children. A CRB check at this level is also commonly provided for those seeking employment in law, health sectors, senior banking or finance.

Employment criminal background checks at the highest level (Full criminal background check; all convictions and extra information) This enhanced disclosure is an enhanced criminal record search certificate provided under the 1997 Police Act. This higher level of CRB check is commonly used by those seeking employment criminal background checks for all the aforementioned industry sectors (mentioned in the standard criminal background check) and also those applying for judicial jobs, carers and foster parents.


You can save time and money with our employment criminal background checks at PeopleChecking; for queries either email or phone for further information on our criminal record check services.  Please e-mail us on if you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits that our Criminal Record check service can provide you.