Academic Qualification Check

Our academic qualification checking service provides written confirmation of an academic degree or secondary education qualification. We contact the academic establishment to confirm period of attendance, the type of qualification gained, subject(s) studied and grade(s) achieved. Reports are provided via email in 5-10 working days. Under our standard SLA (Service Level Agreement) each reference is requested until received (or up to 5 requests).

As Competitive labour market makes jobseekers more likely to lie about their skills and qualifications, PeopleChecking’s service will be of great value to your organisation saving you time and resources.


In many cases if you are an employer and you are looking to employ a new member of staff, you may come across a situation where gaining education verification, qualification checks or reference checks are more difficult than other cases; this is the same with some career checks. A person may be of a certain age that their records are unobtainable; the services we offer at PeopleChecking help employers overcome these problems. Reference Checks It is always important for references to be checked and sometimes this can prove a little difficult, but with our services offering a range of checks including education verification, career checks and reference checks, you can have confirmation of your queries at the click of a button.

Seeking an employee's work history is important as it gives employers a good and general idea of where the potential employee has worked in the past and their reasons for leaving the job. Many people lie on their CVs and our career checks can eliminate the hassle of having to wade through contacting past employers. Seeking Genuine Qualification Checks If you are employing someone into a position of responsibility, for example, a teacher or a lifeguard, you need to be sure that their CVs have all the relevant and correct information. With reference checks or qualification checks you can safely say that you are double checking your potential employee's background and dependency. This information stands you in good stead for future reference checks and improves your ability to employ reliable staff.

As with qualification checks, as an employer you will need to confirm where your employee has taken these qualifications. Most educational bodies will have files confirming past pupils, however over a longer period of time, these files will no longer exist; for example, with someone over a certain age (40 years +) their education verification may no longer exist within the system files. This is where our PeopleChecking system helps out as we can access that kind of information and verify your potential employee's details. Anything from education verification to full career checks ensures you as an employer can corroborate your staffs work history. Checking It Out All of our checking services are easily accessible, simply contact us at PeopleChecking and our friendly team of staff will be only too happy to help you out with any queries you may have in deciding which people checking service is for you. Education verification, career checks, qualification checks, and even reference checks are of benefit to all employers, and we are a long-standing and reputable company able to deal with this kind of service. Checking people's details is something we specialise in and we are always happy to run through the whole process with our clients. We are one of the leading companies in the UK for background checking and aim to help ensure you get the right people in the right positions for your company.


Please e-mail us on if you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits that our Academic qualification check service can provide you.