Business Issues

What Business Issues does PeopleChecking Address?

Right to Work

Since February 2008, UK businesses face a £10,000 fine for each employee who does not have the right to work in the UK. Persistent and or knowing offenders face a custodial sentence of up to 2 years.

“Culture of over-statement”

According to a poll conducted by MORI, the poll, 18 percent of potential recruits felt companies expected them to exaggerate some details on their CV … 71% of employers have encountered lies on CVs.

Cost Reduction

The average cost of hiring an individual is £5-10,000. If a proportion of those recruited are not suitable, this is a waste of money. (It may also be costly to “let people go” after offering them a job).


All employers need to comply with right to work legislation. In certain sectors there are further obligations – eg in:

  • Financially (FSA) Regulated roles
  • Call Centres where financial details are handled
  • Suppliers to FSA Regulated businesses
  • Public Sector Roles with exposure to children/vulnerable adults. 

Slow and ineffective existing referencing processes

Referencing can be a horribly manual process: Traditionally checking the background of recruits is completed using “snail mail” letters, not necessarily addressed to the most appropriate referee. This is typically a time consuming, ineffective and costly process. Our process is fully supported by an online application to maximise the value of information available online, minimise paperwork, speed interaction with referees and streamline work flow. Hence our solutions is faster, more cost effective, more robust and more readily auditable.

Corporate Manslaughter risk

The nature and interpretation of employers’ responsibilities in this area are tightening with new legislation came into force on 6 April 2008. The legislation makes it easier to convict culpable organizations and criminalises an organisation whose gross negligence has resulted in death.