Why Us?

Why PeopleChecking?

Our clients benefit from Zellis’s 40+ year pedigree. We offer a wide range of background checking solutions including:

Ease of implementation A few minutes training and access to the internet is all that is required to start using our service.

Ease of compliance With FSA regulations, Anti-Money Laundering requirements, the Patriot Act, Public Sector requirements, Security Industry standards (including BS7858), TUPE requirements and general Right to Work checks

Speed to Hire Because of our online application, integrated workflow and our experience of having helped check over 2 million people from 86 countries in the past 7 years, we can obtain references more quickly than other background checking companies who are using manual or non-web processes. So there should be no more waiting whilst referencing is completed even for regulated roles with our solutions, nor 'working at risk' because the individual is recruited prior to the completion of checking.

Cost PeopleChecking is the most cost effective provider and does not charge for elements of work such as confirming receipt of an order. Also PeopleChecking’s processes do not recruit employers to undertake additional effort simply to administer the process.

Risk Reduction Our application is hosted in two data centres (London and Manchester), with client data being mirrored real time between the two sites meaning that in the event of a fire or other incident at one site data can be immediately seen via the back up site.

Auditability Our online application significantly reduces the time needed for auditors to view physical records 'on site'

Improved Candidate Experience The integration of our application with other systems, minimises duplication of effort and online data capture eliminates paper work. Furthermore we can brand the application and service offering so that it has your organisation's 'Look and Feel'.

Our solutions are available through a range of deployment options and are supported by some of the leading HR, Payroll, Pensions and Reward industry experts. To find out why our PeopleChecking service is unique, use the links on the left hand side.

Online and Web Enabled Candidate Verification Application Our Candidate Verification system is available over the web and works in real time with the processes involved in carrying out background checks. Hence it supports faster, more cost effective, more reliable and more robust processes than many paper based approaches.

Real Time Integration with Consumer Credit agencies, IntegraScreen and Passport scanner Our application can link realtime to Experian's and or CallCredit’s data to check the financial probity of applicants (and help verify their identity against the electoral roll etc). Our application can scan passports using a magnetic strip reader; information is validated (in terms of the 4 check digits) and loaded into our online application, providing excellent evidence that the passport really was presented by the applicant and seen by the employer’s representative.

Electronic Integration with DVLA Record Checking We can link (via a partner organisation) electronically with DVLA to check UK driving licences, confirm validity and the number of points.

Directly Accessible for Customers Customers can enquire online on the status of the checks being executed on their behalf, improving customer service and reducing the number of calls your referencing team would receive about the status of check.

Integrated, Online & Real Time Management Information System We have a totally integrated MI system which links directly with the Candidate Verification application. This allows approved users to see the status of an individual applicant, the status of each element of checking on a candidate, which references have been received (including images of those references), when references were requested, when reminders were sent and when responses were received. It also shows interim reports and includes the data and time these were sent and to whom they were sent. The MI system provides online, realtime information on response times, checks completed within a user defined period, elapsed days per candidate, references returned within a user defined period, reference response rates, productivity information etc. Information can be shown graphically and ad hoc and pre-planned Management Information reports are available electronically.

Multi-Lingual Support Key aspects of our application have been translated from English into Dutch, French, German, Slovak and Spanish. This aids the retrieval of references from referees who may not have great English language skills. It also facilitates the development of a multi-lingual call centre to handle back office referencing processes. Customised Look and Feel We can customise the application so that it reflects the branding of the customers (and or end customer). This feature improves branding and enhances the candidate’s experience.

Integration with other applications The PeopleChecking system has been integrated with many HR XML compliant applications including Zellis's own products for HR Administration and Payroll systems. We have also proven our integration with a number of external suppliers including HR Smart, StepStone and Skills Market.

Robust Audit Trail The system logs the date, time stamp, user id and IP address of each interaction and makes this data available securely via the audit trail functionality. This helps to eliminate potential errors and reduces the risk of inappropriate use of the application.

Simple to Use We can provide soft copy and online documentation as part of our offering. End user training takes approximately 90 minutes.

Hosted application in twin mirrored data centres Our system is run in two locations with data being mirrored real time between the two data centred – greatly enhancing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

Our Clients Our client base expands across all market sectors boasting clients who are also leaders in their own chosen field. We understand that each client's background checking requirements are unique to each organisation. To hear what our clients say about Zellis and the service they have experienced take a look at our testimonials and case studies.