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Do you know who’s working for you?

71% of employers have encountered lies on CVs.

Despite this, 33% of employers admit they "don't have time to carry out checks". The average cost of hiring an individual is £5-10,000 (CIPD 2006) but If a proportion of those recruited are not suitable,  this will result in a huge waste of time and money.

In 2007, 50% of UK employers lost money by withdrawing job offers or dismissing someone for misrepresenting themselves (CIPD 2008)

With NGA Human Resources' PeopleChecking service you can have peace of mind by ensuring that you know who is working for you by confirming that recruits (and existing employees) are who they say they are, have the experience and qualifications they claim to have and are eligible to work in this country.

PeopleChecking is a unique complete web-based solution that allows you to run checks on any employee at any time providing instant reassurance. Our experience of having helped check over 2 million individuals from 86 countries helps us to provide a particularly timely and thorough service to our customers.

Employing new staff is a costly business these days, and if those people turn out to be not who they say they are it can be an incredibly expensive mistake. With hiring an individual costing up to £10,000, it's important to make sure that you've made the right decision, which is why completing background checks, including criminal records checks, on each and every potential employee can be a very wise move.

Why will I need background checks?

Quite simply, background checks will be needed to make sure that the candidate is who they say they are and that they haven't lied on their CV. This is an essential point to consider, as with a lot of people liking to embellish their CVs somewhat, it's always advisable to make sure that their qualifications and experience can be trusted and verified. Then consider the possibility that the candidate isn't even eligible to work in the UK or has undisclosed convictions. That's where a criminal records check comes into its own, as you need to make sure that you can trust your employee 100%, especially if they're to work with material (or people) of a sensitive or vulnerable nature.

Running an employee background check will help to give you peace of mind that you've made the right decision. It's a lot more cost-effective than hiring someone only to find out they're not who you thought they were, so avoid the hassle by letting professionals run thorough employee background checks and criminal records checks for you.

What's employment screening?

Employment screening (and indeed pre employment screening) is basically just another name for a background checking service, but it's used to describe all the background checks that are carried out prior to employing someone but can also be used to describe the checks carried out on current employees. Where can I go to get an employee background check/pre employment screening service?

If you're looking for an employee background check service that offers everything you need, including a criminal records check, reference check and complete pre employment screening, make sure to consider NorthgateArinso's dedicated PeopleChecking service.

What the PeopleChecking service involves

If you use our PeopleChecking service we'll be able to run every employee background check you could need, offering complete employment screening so you can be certain that the candidate is the one for the job. We can even run background checks on current employees if you didn't conduct employment screening in the first place, so you can be convinced that you've made the right decision. By signing up to the PeopleChecking service you can simply choose the pre employment screening checks that you want to be carried out, such as criminal records checks, eligibility checks and qualifications checks, and let our experts discretely carry them out. You can tailor the background checks that you want to include to suit your needs and your budget, and we can provide you with employment screening services that are as comprehensive as you want them to be.

Will pre employment screening be expensive?

It's true that employing someone to conduct pre employment screening for you will be more expensive than not having such a service, but if you consider the fact that hiring someone unsuitable could leave you up to £10,000 out of pocket then it really isn't that much to pay. Then there's the possibility that employing someone with a criminal past could leave you open to even more financial consequences in terms of theft or damage, which is why criminal records checks and overall employee background checks really are essential and will save you far more money than you have to spend. Employment screening also gives you valuable peace of mind, and that's something that you really can't put a price on.

Contact PeopleChecking for all of your employee background check needs

No-one likes to think that people lie but unfortunately it's an all-too common occurrence, and being naive to that fact can leave you severely out of pocket. That's why it's vital to conduct proper pre employment screening and background checks, including criminal records checks, before you hire the candidate, as only then can you be sure that you can trust them implicitly. So, if you want to make sure that your employees are who they say they are, always make sure to invest in thorough employment screening before they commence employment. This will be the best way to protect your interests, and for a service you can trust make sure to consider our PeopleChecking service and you won't be disappointed.

NGA Human Resources PeopleChecking only offers services to employers and can't provide any form of checking to individuals.